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Perpetual Plastic Project

How does it work?The Perpetual Plastic Project is an interactive recycling installation for young and old where plastic waste is recycled on the spot into new products by 3D-printers. ppp_slide00_01.pngWe throw away most of our plastic after a single use, especially at festivals and events. Visitors get used to throwing plastics away and start to see it as a worthless disposable material. The material quality however is just as good as it was before the usage. By recycling the plastic step for step into a new product we make visitors realise how valuable this plastic can be. We let people transform their throwaway drinking cups with 3d-printer in new products they care about. The Perpetual Plastic Project is all about showing everyone, young and old, how it’s done.The process consist of 4 steps:1. Cleaning & Dying the waste plasticppp_slide01_03.png2. Shredding the plastic into small piecesppp_slide02_02.png3. Extruding the plastic into 3d-printer filamentppp_slide03_02.png4. 3D-printing of a new product based on a 3D model. ppp_slide04_02.png

Source: Perpetual Plastic Project

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