Maker Station is a Gym for Makers, a DIY makerspace to share Learning, Expertise, Tools, and Space. Let’s Make!


Engineering challenge

If you want to go higher, further or stronger then take up our challenge! Use our Stick Kit to design and build structures to investigate stress, strain, load and force. Design, build and take home your own tower Build and test a bridge See how high a tower can reach

Slime Workshop

Need I say more…? It’s Slime Time! Learn how to Cross link polymer chains in PVA and then it’s up to you. Stretchy or flubbery Add some colour Make it sparkle with glitter Fluff it up Freeze it with liquid Nitrogen

Forces BIG and small

This one is for the more adventurous and involve some explosive stuff! Ranging from magnetism and gravity to pressure… we create some movement Make your own magnet set to take home Configure our marble run for speed or stunts Erupting volcanos and foam fountains Liquid Nitrogen demonstrations and explosion xplosion

FUNdamental Science

Our most popular workshop is exactly that… a lot of FUN! We explore matter and materials by combining a range of components with amazing results. Make and take home a tub of instant snow Make your own monster or fairy slime Make your own multi coloured bouncy ball Create swirling artworks in a bowl of

Maker School Open Day

Welcome to Maker School, where we make science and technology interactive, educational and most of all FUN! Explore our exciting range of STEAM Workshops where we combine elements of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths to engage and stimulate young minds. With access to a vast network of expertise and an extensive range of tools,

Dissasembly Workshop

Workshop I Carefull disassembly of suitable E-Waste – Tools supplied Learn about  Good design, Design for obsolescence, Recycling and recyclable materials and processes Workshop II Basic electronic hardware hacking Creative session building props, characters etc. with E-waste parts E-waste stop motion workshop using characters

“Is Your Repurposed Wood Pallet Toxic?” – Organic Authority

We ban Pallets for 2 main reasons: The safety of our Makers and Machines (nails) The possible toxicity and treatment / or not of the wood (see article below) Is Your Repurposed Wood Pallet Toxic? – Kirsten Hudson, 11 July 2012 We love repurposing projects. That’s why we were quite depressed to find out that

New Membership structure for Maker Station!

Can Xmas come too early? No! it can’t! But we’ll try to MAKE it happen! We are doing a big revamp of the Maker Station and the first is the Membership and a whole website overhaul. We have decided that things are to complicated with a half-dozen memberships and levels, weird discount structures bla bla

Hydro Dipping- an easy method to add graphics and patterns to your 3D printed object

Hydro Dipping: an easy method to add graphics and patterns to your 3D printed object. 3D printing technology is becoming progressively more accessible, and with it the demand for easy post-processing methods is also growing. Adafruit has recently published a useful how-to guide on Hydro Dipping, a simple but impressive technique that allows you to

Job Automation: Is AI Capable of Human Creativity? | Big Think

There’s One Quality That Makes Humans Creative. Can AI Learn It?Andrew McAfeeAcademic and Information Technology ExpertYou’re probably reading this from either a smartphone or a laptop. It’s no small secret that the device you’re looking at can create works of art… if you put your mind to it. But therein lies the point that Andrew

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