Maker Station is a Gym for Makers, a DIY makerspace to share Learning, Expertise, Tools, and Space. Let’s Make!


Cape Town RPi Bakery

Arcade Game:   Sharing my arcade cabinet build (w.i.p.). I would like some input regarding: the various keyboard encoders (game control interface to RPi) and emulators. Share my cabinet build experience.

Adulting: Basic electrical repairs- build and wire a desk lamp

Adulting: Basic electrical repairs- build and wire a desk lamp Join us for a short workshop. We’ll teach you how to: Wire a plug Wire a light switch Wire a lamp fitting Build a small desklamp All equipment and materials will be supplied, if you want to drink something and share a snack please feel

Cape Town Augmented Reality Meetup

3D CAD Data (Blender) + Unity + Vuforia:     et’s chat around the role 3D data plays; generating it; animating it and what role a tool like Unity (or any other) plays when creating AR/VR/MR experiences

Repair Café

This is our monthly Cape Town Repair Café. See here for details:   Check out Repair Cafè on Meetup  

Maker Station HQ Tour

Come on a casual work through the Maker Station to see what we have in terms of Space and Tools.

Workshop / Studio space

Studio/Workshop space (NOT ACCOMMODATION) DIY space in a “makerspace” 3x cubicles available R2250 Each! Workstations, 2x2m [4 sqm] dedicated Workstation/cubicle in Woodstock Cape Town. Deposit required, 6-month lease Includes Full membership to Maker Station Get access to our “Gym for Makers” with a huge range of tools and equipment to book and rent as a

Studio/Workshop space to rent.

30 Msq Studio / Workshop available! Workstations, 30 msq dedicated Studio / Workshop in Woodstock Cape Town. [2x15msq space] The space was used by The Real Food Factory, 1/2 as kitchen and 1/2 as packing space. They have graduated out of the space to a large factory :). Can be used as studio / workshop

Cape Town Hardware Collective Meet-Up

Cape Town Hardware Collective Meet-Up. (CTHC) A gathering of individuals, interested in the intersection of electronics and business. About CTHC We started meeting up in 2016 to limit the impact of a common problem that engineers face – talking shop at social engagements. Our initial goal is to be a forum for those interested in

E-Waste Disassembly

What is inside the box? We will tool you up to open it up! Learn about design, recycling and basic electronics Carefully take apart suitable E-waste Salvage and wire up components to discover basic electronic hacking Get creative with a glue gun and make a robot Sort materials into recyclable groups

Edible Science

We usually discourage you to eat our experiments, but not this time! We want to tingle your taste buds from sweet to sour, from hot to cold. Experience a chemical reaction in your mouth with our home made sherbet Make instant ice cream or frozen yoghurt with liquid nitrogen Liquid nitrogen demonstrations

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