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New Membership structure for Maker Station!

Can Xmas come too early?

No! it can’t! But we’ll try to MAKE it happen!

We are doing a big revamp of the Maker Station and the first is the Membership and a whole website overhaul. We have decided that things are to complicated with a half-dozen memberships and levels, weird discount structures bla bla bla.

We are chucking out the lot!

From now on new members will sign up for a FREE membership, everyone will Maker Station Members.

New members will pay a sign up fee of R250.00, you will get:

  • Your RFID access tag, this will open the security gates during business hours, and the Tag is linked to your profile and “Maker Passport” [coming soon].
  • You get a 100 Bucks back in Maker Credits
  • And lifetime free membership!

We are moving all existing members to the one free membership. [we are putting a sal something in your stocking aswell].

Included in Tennant Members rent is a free membership already and this change should not affect them.

We are also introducing Maker Credits (MC), these can be bought and will be held in your “wallet” on your profile. The major benefits are If you have MC in your wallet, shopping cart check out is a one click operation.

The more you book facilities, the more Maker Credits we’ll give you back:

  • people who just do one project or book facilities infrequently will pay the ticket price,
  • high use members will benefit from MC credits rewards,
  • Maker Station can also pay or reward members in MC for service etc.
  • Tenant members will still get 50% off on bookings as before.
  • [Good old cash payment will still be available as a payment option.]

We also have 2 new staff members, Dorelle Solomons and Dylan Johnstone, they are going to help us keep the Maker Space as functional as possible

There are more features coming but more in the general notice later. [Look out for our Maker Passport, Maker School, Maker Forums, MakerSource and a lot of exiting new partnerships and collaborations.]

We have some new Maker Station caps and aprons in the shop.

Enjoy and Make More!

from the Maker Station team


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