There is a once-off sign up fee of only R250 (250MC, or MakerCredits), to process your RFID access tag.

Your membership will never expire, and there is no monthly or annual subscription fee.

  • R250 Once-off sign up fee to get you processed and issue you with an RFID membership tag to access facilities.
  • Full members have access to book a Hot Desk Workstation or any of the other Equipment Stations in the building that they qualify for.
  • All members may use the Free-to-use Tools on the 1st floor tool-board in the building.
  • All access needs to be booked in advance for every facility you need to use.
  • In case a member is not interested or able to learn to use a piece of equipment they can book the additional services of a technician or commissions a fellow member to supply the service.
  • Members are allowed to bring their own tools and equipment at their own risk


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Student discounts

To receive 50% discounts on bookings, please first sign up as a full or free member, then submit your student access request below. Alternatively, you may bring your valid student card in and show it to management, who will then issue you with a discount code.

  • The username you chose when registering on the site.
  • Provide a scan/copy of your valid student ID. This must show your institution and a validity date.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Tenant members

Tenants sign up for 6 months at a time. Tenant members must upgrade from regular membership – i.e., they must pay the once-off processing fee to be issued with an RFID tag for access control. Tenants have the same privileges as other members, and must book all facilities online in advance. Unlike other members, tenants have a permanent, dedicated workspace.

Spaces available for rent include:

  1. Cubes I – IV: 2x2m (R2 000/month)
  2. Cubes V – VII: 3x3m (R3 000/month)
  3. Studio I: 30m2 studio (Please enquire)
  4. Studios II and III: 15m2 studios (Please enquire)