Maker School 1

Maker School 1 at Maker Station HQ

Maker School aims to bring Tools, Projects and Expertise of the Maker Station and other makerspaces to STEAM education in South Africa and beyond.

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We offer workshops for kids and adults from 5 to 95.

Disassembly Workshops

Disassembly workshop

  • Carefull disassembly of suitable E-Waste – Tools supplied
  • Learn about  Good design, Design for obsolescence,
  • Recycling and recyclable materials and processes
  • Basic electronic hardware hacking
  • Creative session building props, characters etc. with E-waste parts
  • E-waste stop motion workshop using characters

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Fugly Workshops

Fugly Workshop

  • Deconstruct assortment of soft toys.
  • Re-assemble, hand stitch and sew soft toy parts together into own character.
  • Cut and sew Fugly wardrobe.

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Stick-Kit workshops

Stick-Kit workshop

  • Stick-Kit basic building workshop
  • Stick-Kit magnet workshop
  • Stick-Kit gears

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Go – Cart building (Parent and Kid) Workshops

Parent and Child workshop

  • Workshop one – Build It – build a wooden go-cart,Template hardware and wheels supplied
  • Workshop two – Pimp It – Pimp your ride, paint, add trim and detail,  upholstery the seat and add LED lights.
  • Workshop Three –  Race It – take it for a ride

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Adulting Workshops

Adulting workshop

  • Change a tyre, plus basic tyre wear, patch and rotation tips.
  • Basic household electrics – wire a plug, change a lightbulb, electricity safety and saving tips.
  • Basic car service DIY, change fluids, plugs and filters.
  • Basic domestic plumbing, replace tap washers, fix toilet cistern, unblock a drains, etc.
  • Water saving workshop – water harvesting, grey water plumbing, etc

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Bronze Workshops

Bronze workshop

  • Make a wax miniature model
  • Take part in Moulding and Casting in Bronze
  • Clean and Fettle
  • Basic patina
  • Mounting on a base

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3D printing Workshops

3D Printing Workshop

  • Basics of 3D printing
  • Sourcing files, creative commons licensing and fair use
  • 3D modeling basics
  • Solid Works basics
  • Printing, finishing and assembly of 3D parts

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Model building tips and tricks Workshops

Model building tips and tricks

  • Building models, planning, materials, tools and processes
  • Finishing, painting, weathering and aging

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Mould Making and Cold Casting Workshops

  • Block mould making
  • Skin mould making
  • Cold Casting, Urethanes, Plaster, Cement, Wax, etc.
  • Finishing, Painting

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