Who are we?

Maker Station was founded by Manus and Felix Holm in 2014. After having to move their individual workshops to new premises they decided to join forces. Having followed the Maker Movement for nearly 10 years as it developed internationally. The obvious thing was to get a nice big building and share resources!

Manus Holm

Manus Holm [Co-Founder]

Felix Holm

Felix Holm [Co-Founder]

The people that MAKE it work.

These are the people that help us make things tick over!

John K Weber

John Weber [Electronics Engineer (the Guru)]

Dylan Johnstone [Worksop Assistant 2018]

Maria van Gass [Artist in residence]

Tendia (Workshop Assistant Dec 2016 – Jan 2018_

Tendia [Workshop Assistant Dec 2016-Jan 2018]

Luke (Intern, Jan-Apr 2017)

Luke Boshoff Intern [Jan-Apr 2017]

Gabi Allen Intern [2017 Student]

“Sherriff” Workshop Assistant [January-November 2018]

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