This is Maker Station HQ

800 Square meters of Learning, Expertise, Tools and Space to build the projects of your dreams. Let's Make!

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Cell: +27 72 55 98 653

How does it work.

1 Maker Station is a ''Gym for Makers'' where you can sign up as a member for different membership packages. Depending on your membership level and competency, you can book space or facilities to make almost anything.

2 Bookings happen on a first come first serve basis. Members on the basic packages need to top up their services when they book additional facilities. Full members only need to book Space and tools.
Maker Station does not supply consumables or materials for projects.

3 Bookings and payment can only be done on-line. We limit the number of hours or days a member can book consecutively, to stop members hogging facilities. We have special rates for scholars etc.

Hover over the floor plan and click on highlighted areas for more info.

Who we are.

Maker Station was founded by Manus and Felix Holm in 2014. After having to move their individual workshops to new premises they decided to join forces. Having followed the Maker Movement for nearly 10 years as it developed internationally.
The obvious thing was to get a nice big building and share resources!

Manus Holm


Felix Holm


The people that MAKE it work.

These are the people that help us make things tick over!

Long John

Electronics Engineer (the Guru)


Artist in Residence



Workshop Assistant Dec 2016 – Jan 2018


Intern (Jan-Apr 2017)


Intern (2017 Student)


Maker Station is about learning new skills and trades and about teaching and sharing. We don’t offer accredited training, but MS and MS Members run workshops and Meet-ups from time to time. Like most real learning it happens on the ‘job’, so join and get MAKING.


Maker Spaces are about community and sharing expertise. There is a lot of experience and expertise in our group. But we also connect, refer to and rely on our combined networks of experts outside in the community.


MS members can book Workshop facilities and Tools by the hour. We have a very wide range of Tools, covering multiple disciplines and trades, but if we don’t have the right tools for your job, we’ll do our best to help you find it in the network.


MS Members can book Workstation and Studio space, as well as space to run meet-ups and workshops. If we don’t have the right space we’ll do our best to help you find it in the network.