Corporate Membership

R1 ,400.00 / month for 6 months and a R150.00 sign-up fee

Corporate Membership

  • To access facilities the Team will share an RFID membership tag and log in details and a Primary Member will be the responsible key carrier, 

  • Corporate team member sign up for R1400/month for 6 months at a time
  • All members appart from the primary member need to sign up as “free members”

  • R150 Once-off sign up fee to get you processed and issue you with an RFID membership tag to access facilities

  • Full members have access to book a 2x2m Workstation, and the free-to-use tools on the 1st floor tool-board

  • All access needs to be booked in advance

  • Additional 2x2m Workstations can be booked and paid for online, and is not included in this package

  • Additional Facilities can be booked for free online, provided the member is qualified to use the equipment

  • In case a member is not interested or able to learn to use a piece of equipment they can book the additional services of a technician

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